FAQ: Authors

The FAQ Team

Much of the material for this new FAQ comes from the FAQ Working Group. We spent nearly a year initially putting this collection of documents together, and hope you find them useful in your aquaria endevours. Since the FAQ is (we hope) an evolving document, we'd appreciate any and all suggestions for material we may have left out, factual changes, or just comments in general. We'd also appreciate volunteers to replace our burnt-out set of authors! Mail your comments or requests about the FAQs to faq at thekrib.com (please use this address for FAQ development-related topics only; pleas for help in diagnosing your sick fish will be cheerfully ignored or redirected to the newsgroups). Thank you.

Erik Olson, editor

List of contributers (in alphabetical order)

These are the tireless souls that have written articles, provided material, or proofread. Feel free to shower them with praise and/or gifts. :)

Oh yeah, since we've been getting spam using the addresses pulled from these pages, the addresses have been re-written to reduce this. You will have to replace ``at'' with ``@'' and remove the spaces if you want to send that person e-mail.

Shaji Bhaskar
bhaskar at bnr.ca
Gary Bishop
gb at cs.unc.edu
George Booth
booth at hplvec.lvld.hp.com
Rick Clark
rclark at bnr.ca
Neil Frank
nfrank at mindspring.com
Bruce Hallman
deadfish at netcom.com, bruce at hallman.org
Dean Hougen
hougen at cs.umn.edu
Oleg Kiselev
oleg at veritas.com
Dustin Laurence
laurence at cco.caltech.edu
Matt McCabe Carroll
matt at g5mac.us
Davin Milun
milun at cse.Buffalo.EDU
Davin used to maintain the Cory search engine. it's dead now. :(
Thomas Narten
narten at VNET.IBM.COM
Erik Olson
erik at thekrib.com
Erik maintains The Krib at http://www.thekrib.com, as well as some other pages.
Jeff Pfohl
pfohl at nucmar.physics.fsu.edu
Howard Rebel
howardr at col.hp.com
Howard is writing a set of goldfish pages at ftp://hpcsos.col.hp.com/html/howardr/goldfish/goldfish.html
Mark A. Rosenstein
mar at actwin.com
Mark maintains F.I.N.S at http://www.actwin.com/fish/
Thomas Sasala
cyberrefguru at hotmail dot com
Anne Hull Seales
workingsw at aol.com
Elaine Thompson
Betsy Wilson
Don Wilson
wlsnde at telus.net
Todd Zebert
tmz at izmg.com

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