FAQ: Major Revision History

July 2000
Added Portuguese translation (thanks Miguel!).
February 1999-April 2000
There have been many minor revisions in aquarium society contacts. I put a rev note here so that I'll know when the mirrors have started working again.
January 1999
Added Spanish translation section (thanks to Alex Patak). Also minor resource changes.
October 1998
Moving the FAQ from Caltech. The disk is dying again, so the timing is right. Link pruning and updating, more equal emphasis on FINS mirror.
August 1998
Minor resource updates, changing URL of the Krib, AGA pages. Rebuild missing button.
March 1998
Minor changes to Newsgroup FAQ, resources, stronger message about web version, etc.
January 1998
Minor updates.
October 1997
FAQ Mailing list changes addresses, New Terse Front Page, superscripting and subscripting, new Mirrors and Translations Page, trim newsgroup page of superfluous info now in Mirrors page. - EO
August 1997
Much expanded live food FAQ, including addition of vinegar eel section. Corrected 6 months of links and club address changes.
Spring 1997
Plant Q&A cleanups, etc.
February 1997
Major plant resource cleanup
July 1996
Some minor nits, resource additions.
April 1996
New breeding article. Updated first fish. Updated turf FAQ and changed posting rules for the newsgroup split.
March 1996
Updates to the Setup and Longterm section of Saltwater FAQ.
February 1996
New section on GAC and Sterilization in Filtration FAQ.
December 1995
Updated aquarium society listing.
August 1995
Expansion of the live food FAQ by Don Wilson
May 1995
First release of the ``new'' FAQ.
July 1994
Work begins on the ``new'' FAQ.

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