FAQ: Magazines

Freshwater and Marine Aquarium  (monthly)
          P.O. Box 487,
          Sierra Madre, CA 91024
          Phone (626) 355-1476
          1yr/12 iss.    $23.00
          2yr/24 iss.    $45.00

          Outside US     $30.00/yr  (no 2 year subscr.)

Tropical Fish Hobbyist  (monthly)
          One TFH Plaza,
          Neptune City, NJ 07753
          Phone (908) 988-8400

          1yr/12 iss.    $40.00

          Foreign - add $11.00/yr

     **note:   The edition found in retail stores often does NOT
               have mail order ads; the home subscription edition
               does.  Do not buy one at the store for m/o
               addresses without checking it out first.

Aquarium Fish Magazine  (monthly)

Practical Fishkeeping  (British mag)
          RR1 Box 200 D.
          Jonesburg MO 63351-9616

          US     - $42.00 per year

KOI USA (bi-monthly)
          KOI USA
          P.O. Box 1
          Midway City, CA 92665

          6 issues per year
          $15 in U.S., US$ 19.50 in Canada

Marine Fish Monthly
	Publishing Concepts Corp.
	3243 Highway 61
	East Luttrell, TN  37779

	1yr/12 iss.	$20.00
	Canada		$28.00/yr
	Foreign		$35.00/yr (US $ required)

	1-800-937-3963 for subscription by phone

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